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As local governments face massive revenue shortfalls and record unemployment as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, finance officers must use all of the tools and at their disposal to navigate these uncertain times. GFOA recently launched a series of economic indicator dashboards to aid finance officers in this challenging task. The dashboards include data and visualizations related to: employment, COVID-19 predictions, the market, housing, income and personal debt, and local tax revenue. The session will begin with a discussion of notable trends found in the dashboards and implications for the economy at large and discussion of  trends at the state and local level. This will be followed by a discussion with Matt Millar from Hubbard Decision Research who have been making highly-acclaimed COVID-19 forecasts since January.

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On September 25th, Regenerate LLC unveiled a tool designed to help a local school district optimize their reopening decisions with the intention of applying it to many more school districts. We are honored to have been chosen to create this tool with a local school district, and co-presented a GFOA webinar for senior leadership of districts across the country.

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Regenerate LLC has worked in close collaboration with Hubbard Decision Research on a wide range of consulting projects over the past decade. This year, our work has focused on helping a variety of industries modeling operational risk with respect to COVID - from helping a reinsurance company manage risk of infection in 30+ global offices to assisting a movie producer to minimize performer risk and comply with SAG-AFTRA guidelines.

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Our Forecasts Now Featured on GFOA!

Our most recent US COVID forecast is now featured on the GFOA dashboard! Through a collaboration with the Government Financial Officers Association and Hubbard Decision Research, we've also been leading webinars on how businesses can make the best of this time.


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