Matthew Millar

Matthew Millar is a well-respected management consultant and a dynamic quantitative analyst. In the last 10 years he has used his quantitative tools to guide important decisions for governments and companies in dozens of industries - including Cybersecurity, Education, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals, IT, Mining, Finance, Agricultural Research, and the Insurance industry. Matt runs his own consulting firm (Regenerate LLC) specializing in Decision Science and collaborates with other thought leaders in the field such as Doug Hubbard and Sam Savage. Prior to founding Regenerate LLC, he worked as the director of consulting operations for Hubbard Decision Research for nearly a decade.


Prior to his management consulting career, he was a Director and Portfolio Manager at the Hedge Fund Armored Wolf, specializing in algorithmic trading, commodities, and macroeconomic forecasting. He has a Master of Science degree in Economics from the University of Oregon, where he specialized in monetary policy, econometrics, and the role of crude oil in the US economy.


His recent analysis of COVID-19 has consistently produced best-in-class projections of the disease and its global impacts and is featured on the GFOA website. He was one of the earliest voices providing quantitative analysis on COVID-19 for which he won accolades. He has guided a variety of businesses in operational risk related to COVID, and designed and built tools for school districts and the entertainment industry to optimize mitigations and strategies related to COVID. He also has given webinars through both GFOA and Hubbard Decision Research to business and government leaders on COVID preparedness and forecasting.

Matt Millar

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