COVID School Safety Metrics

Using COVID School Safety Metrics to Optimize School Opening

It isn't only because these are our children. It isn't only because different classroom structures can increase or decrease contagion concern. It is all of these concerns and more that make the need for COVID school safety metrics so important. When a hurricane is entering the gulf of Mexico, the Director of Offshore Operations at Exxon doesn't stick his finger up in the air and use his intuition about whether to close down rigs. He uses the best probabilistic forecasts out there - forecasts that run thousands of Monte Carlo simulations and take the level of uncertainty into account. These are also vital tools that can help us to better understand how to optimize school opening as educators and students are beginning to get back into the classroom environment.

Regenerate LLC is capable of helping administrators and faculty use these advanced modeling techniques to augment their COVID school safety metrics, in addition to helping them  to optimize school opening plans. Safety is always a priority, but when it comes to our children and the most vulnerable among us, there is nothing more important. We want to help you to get back to school as quickly and safely as possible for the education and health of our children!

For more information about steps your school or institution can take, or about how to get the data you need to make informed and smart decisions, contact Regenerate LLC. Our children and their education is our future, and the future for all of us, and it is a future worth protecting.